KOMODO GEAR was created to provide “purpose driven motorcycle apparel”. Founded by racers for racers, KOMODO GEAR brings a unique perspective to the racing and street riding community. At KOMODO, value must trump marketing and form must follow function. KOMODO products are designed to protect, not reflect the latest fashion trend. That is why, in racing, KOMODO is known as the safest product on the market. Over the years, KOMODO GEAR has found innovative ways to reduce the cost of our products so that the rider does not have to sacrifice quality for the sake of price. That is why KOMODO GEAR is offered exclusively “on- line” at: www.komodogear.com; eliminating the “middle man” and passing the savings on the customer!

R.Lee Schwarzentraub
VP Operations
(“Defiantly Different/Supernaturally Blessed”)
Fax: (214) 343-2101

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